Class: You are the Weakest Link: A Cyber Security Training

Cybercrime is steadily on the rise. It seems as though we can’t go a week without reading about a major security breach in the news. Small to midsize businesses face the same risks that big companies do, but they often have far fewer lines of security defense in operation. 

Most businesses believe that they won’t be a victim of cybercrime until they are. Many businesses in the region have been victims of cybercrime and we can learn from their experiences. This session will summarize the real cost, risk and impact of cybercrime on businesses by examining some impactful statistics as well as by reviewing a case study of a real cybersecurity breach that was perpetuated in the region. 

One of the most important lessons from these security incidents is that “people” are the weakest link—they are the primary source of risk and data leaks. Employees just don’t know how to recognize potential threats and they don’t know what to do if they suspect they have been victimized, so they unknowingly create security vulnerabilities. Lack of education and training for “people” about cybercrime makes small businesses easy targets for hackers, who want to capitalize on this weakness. 

In order to strengthen your defenses, it is important to be able to recognize potential scams and take the right kind of action when under duress. The goal is to make it as difficult as possible to steal your data and to make your company a less desirable target. 

This training workshop will introduce attendees to a wide variety of cybersecurity scams and teach them how to identify the bait and thwart these efforts. It will also demonstrate that, in an ever-changing world of cyber-threats where we can’t train in advance on every potential threat, practicing healthy skepticism while working on your computer is the most important thing you can do.  

Attendees can’t be left with a false sense of security—cybercrime is ever-evolving and a culture of education, skepticism, and diligence is the message that needs to be imparted.

List Topics Covered

  • The risk and impact of cybersecurity crime on small businesses
  • Case study of a local cyber-security incident 
  • Step by step instruction on how to recognize attempted security breaches that you might encounter
  • Best practices for handling attempted or actual security breaches
  • Introduction to the need for on-going education, skepticism and diligence

Benefits of this session

  • Gain an understanding of cybersecurity - the risk is real and the business impact can be severe'
  • Learn practical tips and actionable steps for recognizing and handling attempted security breaches that are commonly encountered
  • Learn how important it is to address the human element behind the cybercrime attempts. Many of these attempts are designed to capitalize on the lack of training that the average computer users has regarding potential security threats.

Once you've completed this session, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the cost, risk and impact of cybersecurity crime on your business
  2. Identify the major types/categories of cybersecurity attacks
  3. Recognize common cybersecurity threats and how to handle them
  4. Practice safe computing behaviors and operate with a healthy degree of skepticism in the future

About the Instructor:

Beth Burnside is a strategic technology advisor for small- to mid-sized business. As president of CMIT Solutions of Erie, Beth specializes in helping businesses use technology as a tool to meet their strategic business goals. Her office offers a broad range of proactive computer support, security services, monitoring, and consulting services, as well as a quick response for when unexpected crises occur. Named to CRN Magazine’s prestigious “Women of the Channel” list for the past seven years running, Beth has was also awarded an Athena PowerLink mentor panel in 2011 and continues to pay it forward by being involved as a mentor to other women-owned businesses. Furthermore, she was awarded the first Wallerstein Grant from The Gerry B. Wallerstein Fund and was listed on the inaugural list of Top 50 Solution Providers by CRN magazine in 2014. Her business was featured as the cover story in Business Solutions magazine’s April 2017 issue with the headline of “Four Essentials for Double-Digit Growth”.


April 10, 2018

 9:00 - 11 a.m.

Knowledge Park

Knowledge Center

Jordan Room 

5240 Knowledge Parkway

Erie, PA

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