Webinar: How to Build Your Best Digital Marketing Asset: An In-House Email List

Email marketing is an efficient way to communicate, interact and build relationships with your customers. It's also the most effective and affordable way to stretch your marketing dollar and reach your audience. 

There is nothing more powerful than that direct link to their inbox. 

Now, don't rush out and buy an email list. No, no, no… although you could, and there are effective ways to accomplish this, which we will share in this session.

You should grow your in-house subscriber list and get to know your prospects and customers and what they need from you.. Your “house” list will outperform all other lists hands-down.  But how do we get people to share their email address? Ahhh…well it can be daunting but Cathy is ready to share tried and tested tactics that will work for you.

List Topics Covered
  • Permission Based Email Marketing
  • House Lists
  • List Churn
  • Target Audience
  • Getting Started with Your List Building Efforts
  • Value Exchange
  • Website capture
  • List Rental
  • Touchpoints Online
  • Touchpoints Offline
  • Campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Call-to-Actions
  • List Management

Benefits of this Session
  • Grow a house list that will allow you to continue to build customer relations
  • Retain lifetime customer value
  • Control over costs, production and usage
  • Grow sales affordably and effectively
  • People respond best to emails they signed up for

  • Gain knowledge and understanding necessary to implement effective ways to acquire email addresses and build a house list.
  • Learn email list management techniques.
  • Discover how in-house lists improve deliverability, insuring your message gets opened.

Meet Your Instructor Cathy von Birgelen 
Cathy is the director of The eMarketing Learning Center and a certified email marketing professional with more than 25 years of demonstrated business experience in all functions including planning, analysis, marketing and finance.


March 1, 2018

 9:30 - 11 a.m.

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