Working Remotely: Effectively Working With and Managing Remote Teams

In today’s work environment we often can find ourselves collaborating with distributed teams across time zones, cultures and languages. Yes, technology has changed the way we work but we are still human and it’s so easy to miscommunicate when you’re not physically together.  

You miss body language signals, bonding opportunities, project timing and sometimes the big picture gets lost. Mark Squeglia, is a seasoned expert in managing remote teams at GE and understands all the complexities of working remotely. 

Maybe your staff is distributed across the globe or you work on a project with a company that is not local, the goal is the same…you need to have successful outcomes.  Mark will help you with a proven process on how the best teams work remotely and get things done.

List Topics Covered 

Technology has changed the way we work
  • Email
  • Mobile Phones
  • Video / Telepresence / Skype
  • YouTube

But we are still human
  • We require interaction
  • Feedback
  • Conversation
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Know each other
  • Teams
  • Superiors/subordinates

Work must get done!
  • 1 on 1's
  • Goals & objectives
  • Daily work tasks
  • Understanding expectations
  • Work queues

Talk to the boss
  • We all have a boss
  • Talk regularly
  • Discuss non work stuff
  • Develop a relationship
  • Get to know each other
  • Will help daily working
  • Put out fires
  • Know how far to push

Talk to the teams
  • Regular meetings
  • Staff meetings
  • 1 on 1 & 1 over 1
  • Talk regularly
  • Global impact
  • Cultural impact
  • Different countries
  • Interest in other countries
  • Do not be the ugly American

Once you've completed this training, you will be able to:
  1. Understand the complexities of working on a remote team and/or managing a remote team
  2. Implement an effective process to manage remote teams and achieve your goals
  3. Identify and use appropriate communication methods that will align with specific purposes and improve, clarify project detail and increase productivity
  4. Improve team bonding and sharing of knowledge
  5. More accurately track, measure and improve the team’s progress 

About the Instructor:

Mark Squeglia Vendor Manager experience, specializing in outsourcing, contract negotiation & finances. Managed $50M vendor portfolio, representing 1,000+ contractors. Process Operations Leader focusing on process efficiency, improvement, reengineering, and project management. World War 2 afficionado, lecturer and researcher.


October 5, 2017

 10 a.m. - Noon

5451 Merwin Ln. Rm. 222,
Knowledge Park
Erie, PA

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